Hello and welcome to BiteyCat.net !
The official home of Bitey Cat Studios.

Bitey Cat - Bitey Cat is a cat that is natured more towards exerting physical aggression
in the form of biting as opposed to traditional Scratching. This not only shows
wanting to hurt deeply, but it's attack is less of a defensive tatic, and more so
on the offense. This is actually a more dominant styled attitude and mannerism.
A Bitey Cat is a Sophisticated cat.

Bitey Cat Studios is a Family of Cats collected together to celebrate life as a cat.
We plan on sharing our experiences with you in our world through media such as:

Art, Comics, Photos, Videos, and possibly some interactive content.

We also want to welcome you back, we do plan on having periodic updates to keep content new and "Fresh".

As we are undergoing construction i want you to keep the following in mind:

Content - we will provide an "Family Friendly" Experience which can also be enjoyed by an older audience.

To prevent abuse of the website there will be no forums, this will limit unauthorized content from
being accessed on the site.

The site will run in parallel with an HD version that will optimize veiwing
on your 16x9 high res monitor or high definition Television screen!

User submitted data will also be added, such as Art, photos, cat stories/blogs, etc.

Community - 70% of a website's success is attributed to the crowd it draws or community, and how rich
the interaction is between it's members. However Due to limited resources there will be no
interface that allows direct communication between users. This website may gear up towards that
based on content usage and user feedback.(in the future)